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Writer's Block: On repeat

Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me' sung by George Michael.  More specifically, the live version.  He's singing, it's all very nice...but then he says, "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Elton John!"  Imagine...going to a concert, la-la-la, and then another famous singer (a favorite!!) decides to stop by for a duet.  EVERY time I hear it, I get goosebumps.
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Word Meme

 If you want to play along, reply to this post by yelling (or even saying gently) "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

From mrs_crater 

I love wine.  Over the years, I have learned what I like and what I don't like.  I used to just drink whatever my friends did.  Then I became a white wine drinker.  It was just easier to drink.  About 5 years ago, my parents took supersech  and I down to the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  They are known for their Pinot Noir.  I learned that I like Pinot and Syrah.  Over the past years, I've learned I also like Malbec.  I still like white wines, but now I have choices for red or white.  :)

I've always seemed to have cats in my life.  We had two when I was very young, Tigger and Molly.  Molly was run over by a car (I have no recollection) and Tigger lived to the ripe old age of 17 years old.  Then we got Perseid.  He was also 17 when my parents put him down--last October.  
After moving home from Ellensburg (college), we were asked to house sit for some friends in Woodinville.  Phoebe found us.  She was a diluted tortoise shell color--light brown, white and some orangesicle.  Very pretty.   We were so blessed that she found us.  She knew we needed her.  One night I sang to her the 'Smelly Cat Song' and that's where she got her name--Phoebe from Friends sang that song.  :)  Last December, something happened.  We don't know exactly what, but she stopped eating and using the litter box.  We tried everything.  All she was trying to tell us was that it was her time to go.  It was too soon (my last two cats had lived for 17 years--she was only 10!).  It was a very hard decision to let her go.  We have her in a box (cremated) waiting for our lilac bush to bloom.  She loved sitting underneath it in the sunshine.  It will be her final resting place.  We miss you Phoebe...
Ninja, the black cat, came to us through a friend of a friend.  They brought her over the night of our Halloween party.  Watching her grow from a kitten has been so much fun.  She is a ninja, too.  She hides under our bed or under a chair and when we walk past, a little claw will pop out, "killing" us.  She is extremely vocal--telling us where she is at all times.
I am a cat person.  I don't mind dogs--in fact I'd like to have a small one someday--but I prefer cats.

Honestly, I am a coffee girl.  There are mornings that I shouldn't have coffee, but a warm beverage is in order.  That's what I turn to tea.  Specifically, Lady Grey tea with some milk and sugar.  Thanks to mrs_crater  and smescrater  for bringing over "the good stuff" when they come to visit.  (I think I'm good this year though.  ;) )

Dinos are interesting...but not my thing.  I support supersech  and J"F"C and the Hollow Earth Expedition.   That's where the dinos live.  Beware!

Felicia Day
She is an awesome, beautiful, genius of a human being.  She is very friendly, too.  I got to meet her last year at GenCon.  She's my new BFF...but not really.  ;)  
Seattle skyline

Writer's Block: Tonight, tonight

If you celebrate Christmas, what will you do this evening? If you don't, will you still do something festive or is it just another night?

Tonight, supersech  and I are going out to a Chinese dinner with my parents. It was always tradition on Christmas Eve to go to church (I don't go anymore), then out to a Chinese food dinner and then home to open presents. "Has Santa been there!?"  Presents will come tomorrow as my mom has to go to work directly after dinner. Stockings with them will happen when my brother and his girlfriend arrive after the first of the year.

supersech  and I will do our stockings and aunt/uncle presents when we get home from dinner tonight.  Tomorrow is his side of the family in the morning (in W. Seattle) and then to my parent's house for my side of the family (cousins, aunt, uncle and Gramma). 

And then KrisKon starts on the 26th.  Huzzah for relaxing for a week with friends!!!

Merry Christmas!
Not Amused

Our furnace drama

I got home from work yesterday just before 4pm. I thought it was a bit chilly in the house and looked at the thermostat. It said 60 degrees. It should be at at least 65 degrees. And it said it was "on," but there was no furnace noise. Hmmmm...

Went grocery shopping and got back to still 60 degrees. supersech remembered our neighbors having this problem, too and went to ask them what it was. supersech and J came back. "Look in this little window on the furnace and count the blinks." He counted four and we found out what that meant--the pressure switch wasn't working. Oh, goody! supersech found the notebook with all the phone numbers from when we bought the house. he found the number and we called. "We'll call you tomorrow morning at 7:30 to set up a time." Fine with us. Which meant for me a day off from work.

They called at 7:10, asked if they could come by between 8:30 and 10am and I said, "Yes!" the guy showed up at 8:50 and was gone by 9:10am. All he needed to do was change the pressure switch. (turns out we're the third house in our neighborhood this has happened) We'll be charged $150. Joy!

But at least the house is warm again!

Writer's Block: It's Never Too Early...

Black Friday is the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. When are you planning on beginning your holiday shopping?

I've already begun. Yup, I'm that crazy/organized.

And on another note, I will be awake and in line at Target on Friday "morning." (I use quotation marks because the sun will not be up yet, but it will be the next day) A neighbor friend and I go every year--so supersech never has to go with me again, because I know he wasn't fond of it.
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Oh geez!

I completely forgot about going to Montinore. It's one of our favorites and I forget...

We went there Sunday between SakeOne and Aramenta. We got 4 bottles of wine there and a bottle of their Pinot Noir Chocolate sauce.

We came back with a total of 7 bottles of wine and one mini-bottle of coconut lemongrass sake.
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wine-tasting weekend

This past weekend was the annual outing to the Willamette Valley Wine Country with my parents. We had a great time. We headed out after school on Friday and got to Portland just about 9pm. We all fell in to bed and went to sleep.

Saturday morning, after a very busy breakfast at the Embassy Suites (that's where we stayed this time), we went over to Washington Square Mall. supersech bought me my belated anniversary gift. My wedding band has been through a lot--sizing and then breaking. (but getting fixed) I knew it had to get sized again when I had to use soap and water every time to take it off, but I was afraid to--it would have been so weak. :( I told a jeweler what I had to do and they said to stop doing that and wear it around my neck. Eek! So, we started looking for a new ring for me. I found the one on that trip in July, but still wanted to look around and make sure. Yup, that's the one and we bought it tax free. :D Today, I will take it to the jewelers here and get it sized to fit my ring finger. After some more shopping, we finally headed out to the wineries. Our wineries that day were ArbroBrook, Solena (a newly built winery which was just gorgeous!) and Tyrus Evans. Between Solena and Tyrus Evans, we stop for a late lunch/early dinner at Cielo Blue. A delicious Italian restaurant. Yum! We only bought two bottles that day. (My parents were a different matter though...)

Sunday we met up with some of my parent's friends who were coming back from Cannon Beach and went to Sake One (a yummy sakery). They teased us with their sparkling plum sake--it was on tap and not bottled...yet. We all wanted to buy a case of it, but it'll have to wait until next year. *sigh* After that, we headed over to Aramenta. After the tasting, we sat outside (no rain!) and ate some lunch. Salami, smoke salmon spread, crab-artichoke dip, crackers, pretzels and a sesame honey-mustard dip. It was great! Our friends said good-bye at that point and we headed to WillaKenzie--just before closing time. We got our annual Christmas pictures taken there and then headed to Argyle--just before closing. :)

For dinner, we met up with Uncle T, Aunt K and their kids, L and P at the Olive Garden. Good times! Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for some pre-packing and Sunday night TV watching. Then...sleep. ZZzzzzzz....

Monday morning, we finished packing, did a little bit more shopping (birthday and Christmas!) and headed home. We pulled in to my parent's house at 3:30pm. Unpack the car, re-pack my car and we headed for our home. We had a great time and always enjoy it down there, but I'm so glad to be home.